• Launch Campaign

    Create an AdZone, meet a publisher, launch a campaign and earn some money from Clicks and Impressions.

  • Analytics

    See precise analytics on your downloads, active users, and worldwide popularity.

  • Notifications

    Send a direct message to all your users. They will see the message right in their browser.


Webstore standings

Are you curious about your ranking in the webstores? We can tell you in great detail.


Ads zone management

Choose up to 6 types of zones, including: banner, video, HTML, Adsense, and more to put into your extension.


2-Minute Creations

You can create media for your Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, RSS, or Twtich.tv.


Monetize your traffic

Put your own AdSense on Landing Page and Thanks Page and monetize the traffic you lead there.

Thanks page

Custom thanks page

Use your traffic to promote your social networks, collect e-mails or insert your ads and make money.


Regular reports

We’ll tell you everything about your project via these regular reports and the frequency of these reports is up to you.