How to Install Install Chrome extension on Opera

Extension on Google Chrome are very popular and now Opera users can have them two. Here is the quick manual

7 years ago

TOP 10 Chrome Extensions

Are you looking for the best Chrome Extensions? We picked some for you. 100% Guarantee that you will love them. And of course that they are all FREE.

8 years ago

Mozilla Firefox 17 is out and running

Mozilla is really on the roll and they are launching Firefox version 17 about a month after they released Firefox in version 16. Buck yourself up the the new Social plugin directly in the browser.

8 years ago

Firefox 15 - Silent update together with update on background (Part 03)

Firefox 15 also delivers the improved update process. Since Firefox 12, it offers optional silent update, in style of competing Google Chrome. Firefox 15 brings this update in background. For some, perhaps surprisingly, is not the same thing.

8 years ago

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