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Weather now - The best weather extension for Chrome

You know that some extension is good when it excels in many areas such as sexy and elegant design, great functionality with simple controls and more. Worldwide coverage and 9 language mutations comes handy too.

You know that story

Has ever happens to you that you woke up, you look outside the window and say to yourself: “Today it is going to be really hot.” Than you take some thin clothes and go outside, when suddenly you realize that it is really cold out there and during the day, it starts to rain.


Well this won’t happen to you again, if you install Weather now. Immediately after launching your browser you can see the actual temperature outside. If you click on the icon, you can see more information about current weather conditions and also the 3-4 days weather forecast, depending on the availability of the sources in your area.



Here is the list of main features:

• Eye-catching, elegant and simple design - „We put a lot of effort do design of our extensions. It should be catchy and useful. It should give support while using it, not trouble.
• Simple enough for any user - „A lot of extensions these days are too complicated, so the computer unskilled users aren’t able to use them easily.
• No complicated settings - „We think, that most users don’t about the setting and they want to have everything ready right after the installation, and that is exactly how our extension works.“
• Automatically recognizes your city and set it is default - „Also we want to make our extensions available for everyone on the world and that is why we translated this extension by native speakers to 7 languages

• Including languages English, Deutsch, French, Spanish and Russian, Czech and Slovaka and we are planning more.


Download the Chrome extension here.

Or the Firefox Add-on here. 

8 years ago