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Firefox 15 - Silent update together with update on background (Part 03)

Firefox 15 also delivers the improved update process. Since Firefox 12, it offers optional silent update, in style of competing Google Chrome. Firefox 15 brings this update in background. For some, perhaps surprisingly, is not the same thing.

Update on background means, that now Firefox will download the update files from its servers and prepare them in current computer on the background for further use. User will remain undisturbed during work. At the next start of the browser, the user won’t see any window informing about the process of update, because the update will just quickly change the prepared files for the old ones.

When switching to Firefox 15, it is the last time that users will wait for downloading the updates. Users won’t see that window anymore.

After downloading the update, the first launch will not be accompanied by the longtime waiting for browser to update, which mostly depends on the current computer workload. It will just quickly change these files, that can overwrite while the browser is running. Maybe this will support users to download security updates more willingly than before.

They don’t have to worry anymore, that in the middle of unfinished work, the long delay will keep them from using their time. The saving time is in the matter of minutes but, even the small inconvenience may cause user discomfort. Also this update will enhance the browser security.

Author: Jiri Macich Jr.

8 years ago