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Block site – Work and don’t be disturbed

BlockSite is an extension, which automatically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.

Firefox is launched on Firefox for a long time and it gains 200 000 users, we recently launched this great extension also on Chrome and we make it even better. The changes that we make on the Chrome version will soon be applied on the Firefox version.

Options interface in Google Chrome

On Chrome there is the same functionality as on Firefox, except we designed it better, so the user interface is clear and understandable. Everything is really simple to find and understandable for everyone.

We have also made the blocking messages more fun. Since the sites is blocked, you can still have a little bit of fun not being on the website, so this is why we added a lot of funny quotes (from our mascot Mr.Wips). He will tell you why you shouldn’t go on that websites and maybe gives you a little reward for not going there.

This is an example of the message that will show up, when you attempt to go on some website.

We hope you will like it and you can give the extension a try.

Chrome version is here:

Firefox version is here:


And if you like it, don’t forot to rate it 5 stars in the Chrome Webstore or Firefox Add-ons store.

Stay tuned for more extensions.

8 years ago