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Mozilla Firefox 17 is out and running

Mozilla is really on the roll and they are launching Firefox version 17 about a month after they released Firefox in version 16. Buck yourself up the the new Social plugin directly in the browser.

What’s new?

There are some significant changes in the version, Mozilla promised about 20 performance updates, the Awesome Bar experience is now with larger icons and they also add implemented blacklisting to prevent vulnerable plug-in versions from running the user’s permissions.

Mozilla says about the Social API on his blog the following:

“The Web has become inherently social. The browser is not yet playing a significant role in enabling the social experience. Firefox will begin to enable easy sharing and a more social browsing experience.

How does it work?


Next to the address bar you will get 4 icons that include link to your profile, friend requests, messages and notifications.

In the first icon you can go directly to your profile and you can disable the Social API.

Friend request are easily seen and you can confirm them quickly

Messages notifications are just for completeness because you can see the whole message bar on the side of the browser.

The notifications are very helpful because you can see how many notifications are pending for you.

Also you will see the side bar that has Ticker and Facebook chat. It looks exactly the same as the Facebook side bar on the page, which is handy for users, so they don’t have to get used to something new.

So imagine that you don’t need to have the Facebook page open and you will get everything important directly from the browser.

If you are having trouble allowing this Social plug-in you can allow it manualy in about:config by changing socail.actie and social-enabled to true.

If you also want this functionality also on Chrome, you can try the Easy Facebook extension, which brings you about the same functionality.


You can check the complete list of improvements here:

Author: Lukas Jan Marek

8 years ago