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Use Case: Having your Own YouTube Channel Web App Can Make You Independent on YouTube Layout changes

YouTube web application let’s your fans know when you upload a new video and enables you to send them messages directly in their browser.

It can be frustrating for you and your fans to get one’s bearings in the new YouTube layout. With technology anyone can create a custom YouTube app in just a few minutes that allows people to have your YouTube channel right in their browsers.

 This app, once your fans install it, will transport your YouTube channel in your fans browsers in form of a small icon with your logo next to the URL address bar.

Maybe you know AntVenom (he has 800k+ subscribers). He started using this app just couple weeks ago and this is what his fans say about it:

Maybe now you’re thinking: “That’s great that people love it but what’s in it for me”?

Among other things this app has one amazing functionality. We call it notifications. Imagine AntVenom wants to promote something. Now he can  send a message (including links) directly to his users wit! He doesn’t have to wait until his fans visit his YouTube channel or see his video. How amazing is that!

Watch also this video about us:

If you want to have this amazing app for your YouTube channel just send an email to and our extension master Jonatan will help you out! 

8 years ago