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We want to thank everyone that is talking and/or making videos about We are putting a lot of effort into our extensions and it is great to see that you want to let the world know.


Great guy making Minecraft videos. He has currently more almost 800 000 subscribers, so if you like Minecraft and want to became a Swifter, check his channel out and subscribe.

He also made video about us:


And here is his Firefox and Chrome extension:



Another Minecraft channel. It looks like we poke a nest. Howevery also a great guy. Thanks for an awesome video about us:

His extension is here:



Great gaming videos channel also made a video about us. Check it here:


His extension is here:


Thank you again for your videos and I hope that the world will soon know what we did for Youtubers.

Lukas Jan Marek from

8 years ago