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How to reset your Firefox BlockSite password

We got some mail question about how to reset your Block Site password on Firefox. So here is a detailed manual on how to do it.

1. Open the site “about:config”

Simply type it into the Address bar. After you do, Firefox will probably ask you if you are sure to go there, so just click: “I promise I will be careful.”

2. Search for BlockSite

The results should appear immediately. You should se something similar to this screenshot.

3. Reset Password Value

Locate the BlockSite.password parameter and by double clicking the value erase it.

4. Deny authentification

Locate the BlockSite.authenticate parameter and double click on the value to set it on false

Everything should be fine now, so you can go to the Options and set a new password. If anything contact me on



Lukas Jan Marek from team


8 years ago