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Why do we need your Youtube Channel ownership verification?

You have been asking why we need to verify your ownership of the Youtube Channel. So here is our explanation.

Because Google Chrome put a lot of effort into security, the only way how to install an extension is to upload it to Chrome Webstore. This is great because you are sure that all the extension that are there are safe and cross-checked by Google.

However, there is a catch.

Currently every developer on Chrome webstore have only limited space for extension, so we need to make sure that we upload only the extension from the official owner. 
Imagine the situation when some Channel has 1 million subscribers and every one of them will create its own Youtube extension. There will be 1 million copies of the same extension with the same functionality and both we and Google Chrome won't allow that, which is understandable.

Wouldn’t it will be better if there was only 1 extension with 1 million users?

There are no boundaries

But we know that you, even if you are not the owner of the Youtube channel want to have the Chrome extension. So here is how you can help:
You can help us to get in touch with the official owner of the channel and we will provide him a full support including uploading the extension to Chrome webstore.

  • You can help. How?

  • ► Send him a tweet including @wipscom
  • ► Send him and email including in the copy
  • ► Recommend him to register on our websites.

Hopefully the official owner will register and together we can create something special for all his/hers subscribers.
Let me know if you have some more questions:

Lukas Jan Marek from team

8 years ago