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Get the most out of TimeStats – Categorizing your sites

TimeStats is measuring your browsing activity and it is a powerful tool to use for managing your time and recognizing your time-eaters. Let’s find out how to better organize your categories.

If you are not using TimeStats yet you should download it for



I highly recommend categorizing your visited websites so you can quickly see if you are working and studying more than you having fun or exactly the opposite. This whole process will take you about 15 minutes but it is worth it. So let’s get started.

Step 1 – Create categories

We have supplied some default categories but it is better to add your own. You can add something like Work, School, Fun, Social networks, etc. You can add them in the Options -> Categories. On the top of the page you have the add category input.

I also recommend you to create a category called “trash” or something similar. And into this category add the websites you don’t even remember visiting, because there will be a lot of them. Then once a while you just go to Options and “Delete statistics for category Trash” All of the websites will remain categorized but all the data would be erased.

Step 2 – Fill you categories

Now is the important part of filling your categories with websites. Go to Options -> categories and under manage catagories you can fill them.

Make sure that you check the “show only uncategorized domains” that way only website that are not yet sorted are shown.

When you see the message “All of your websites are categorized now” you can celebrate.

Step 3 – Enjoy!

Now everything should be done and you explore the pie chart in Detailed statistics -> Sites categories.

Hope you like it. 

Lukas from team

8 years ago