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Psychetruth Releases Free Website Browser Extension

Austin, Texas, January 22, 2013 - The Austin based YouTube channel Psychetruth has released a free website extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows users to be instantly notified of new uploaded content.

“We’re excited about the launch of our browser extension because it brings our videos and
content directly to you as soon as it is uploaded,” Stated Mike Williams, PsycheTruth’s editorin-
chief. “Downloading this extension brings the content to you instantaneously and effortlessly
without waiting on YouTube to tell you there is new content.”

To try the free web extension, simply go to:

If you are curious about, please continue reading. is a company that
launched unique technology that allows anyone to create their own extension within a few
minutes for free. They also create great extensions for browsers. They are currently getting
close to 2 million users worldwide.

The PsycheTruth YouTube channel is an online educational resource with high quality
videos covering a variety of subjects including Wellness, Nutrition, Psychology, Alternative
Medicine, Massage Therapy, Mental health, Fitness, Yoga, Exercise, Weight Loss, and more.
PsycheTruth is the top rated alternative health video channel on YouTube, with more than
200,000 subscribers and over 206 million views. For more information about PsycheTruth,
please visit

To see more work from, please visit their websites

Mackenzie Kelly from Psychetruth
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8 years ago