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Free Webinar - How To Increase Revenue From YouTube Using YTapp

Join Our Free Webinar On Thursday, March 7th, 11:00 am Central Time

Using technology you can create your custom web application (extension) for a YouTube channel, VIMEO channel, Twitter feed and RSS feed. To create your custom app you just need to register here: and than it will take you to your administration where you can create your app.

We talked about how the YouTube app works earlier (you can read about it here: Basically it allows your fans to install your YouTube channel to their internet browser and then they never miss your video again.

Having your custom YTapp can help you to get new audience, increase your view count and get more likes and shares (we added like and share button in the app). All those apps also allow you to send push notifications directly to your users.

But what happens if no one actually downloaded your app? Then you won’t see any improvement! It’s the most important part to spread your app among your audience.

Because people have been asking us what are the most effective ways to do that we decided to do a free webinar for you where we will share with you some secret tricks and tactics on how to get thousands users for your app.  

You can register here for our free webinar:

What will you get from the webinar

- Secret tricks and tactics on how to get thousands of users
- We will show you inside information
- Case studies - How Xoda got 20 000 users in 1 month
- Sneak peek to our Premium VIP section

Click the link below to register for our free webinar (Thursday, March 7, 11:00 am - Central Time):

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