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Perfect Boyfriend - Be ONE!

Every guy wants to be a perfect boyfriend to his girl. And Perfect Boyfriend extension is here to help.

This is a really helpful extension for all the guys who want to be nice to their girlfriends. The extension will automatically post a very romantic status with your girlfriend tagged. She would be really glad that you thought about her and post these romantic words on your Facebook.

Try it here:

It is simple:

1. Add to Chrome

2. Connect to Facebook

3. Choose a person you want to tag in your romantic post

That's it!

You can also choose the interval of the post and the time between which you want to post to be sent.

We have provided you some set of the most romantic statuses but you can clear them and input your own. We highly recommend this, because you are the one that know your GF the most. It only takes few minutes and she will be really glad.

Here are few tips:

  • Make sure that you will choose some time interval when you usually don't see each other, because there is nothing more awkward than a post on Facebook when you are sitting next to your girlfriend and your notebook is somewhere else. Trust me, I know!

Consider how often you want to send those posts. Not too often and not too few. It is up to you.

The post will only be sent when your Chrome is on.

Whenever a post is sent you will be notified what was sent so you know how to react.

You can also choose on Right Click to post something now.

You can also highlight a text, right click and post it immediately.

Note from the developer: 

We don’t want to harm any feelings and if some girl discovers this extension, look at this in a way that a guy wants to be nice to you he spend some time downloading this extension and he does this because he loves you so much. So don’t be mad at him, because he found a help to be a perfect boyfriend. It is all for you.

To all the girlfriends out there. We love you and your boyfriends love you too.


8 years ago