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HolaSoyGerman Is Using Technology (and got 80k users in 24 hours)!

This is a great example of how to get a lot of users for your YouTube channel extension which will help you improve your results on YouTube. Hola Soy German one of the biggest YouTube channels created a YouTube extensions with yesterday and got 80k users in the first 24 hours (more than 200k in total)!

Here is how he did it:

1) He made a video about it explaining his subscribers how it works.

2) He made a post about it on Facebook where he got 40 000 likes!

3) He Tweeted about it

With those 3 simple things he did he has now over 100 000 users he got in past 48 hours! You can emulate what he did to get more users for your YouTube extension and improve your results on YouTube. If you don’t have your extension yet click the link below, sign up and create one.

What are his users getting from having the extension?

His users can now be notified when he upload a new video, easily look through his videos by clicking on the icon and scrolling down. They can also use and customize the additional YouTube function we added to the extension called “turn of the lights”. This option can be customized simply by choosing the options menu after the right click on the icon.

But wait! There is more...

We are also working on the VIP functions that you will be able to unlock by getting more users or by purchasing it. Here are some examples of what you will be able to do with

Advertising system - An option for you to add ads into your extension and landing page to leverage YouTube to earn more money this way. You will be able to upload ads into your extension and promote your web page, Facebook or anything else or sell this ad space to your partners. This will be connected to detailed statistics where you will be able to see the number of clicks, impressions etc.

Custom Thanks Page - This enables you to customize your thanks page and add your own Facebook like button, share button, sign up form and other functions.

Notifications - You can send your users notification with your promotions or news. You can set the targeted audience you want to send your notification to, write your headline and text, add a picture and send it. The notification will then appear in the lower right corner in your users browser. After they click on it they will go to the link you want them to go to.  

If you still don’t have an extension for your YouTube channel click the link below, sign up and create one. You will get another channel besides Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your audience, increase your engagement and get new subscribers.

7 years ago