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Notify your fans on when you are streaming online right in their browser (it is FREE)

How would you like if all your fans on were notified every time you’re live on and never missed your live stream again?

Lot of you were asking us for an extension that would do that so we decided with the upcoming Twitch’s deal with Xbox to do that. With  platform you can now create your own channel extension in less than 2 minutes. After your fans install it it will notify them every time you’re streaming online.

Click here to create your extension now (it’s free) 

Let’s take a closer look at how it works

After you create the extension for your channel (we will talk about the creating process later) you will get a landing page where your fans can download your extension. After they download it a small icon will appear in the upper right corner of their browser.

When you are streaming online a small recording symbol will appear on the icon and a notification will pop-up telling your users to go check out your live stream. 

This is how the icon looks when you’re live...

...and the notification your users get.

They can also click on the icon to see a preview of your live Twitch video streaming and click a link to go watch your live stream on


How to create your extension

Creating your extension for your channel is very simple. 

1) Go to and sign up (if you already have account just log-in in the upper right corner)

2) Pick the extension option and follow simple steps.

3) In less than 2 minutes you will have your extension created and get a landing page from which your fans can download it. You can promote it during your online streaming, on your YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter or anywhere else. 

Premium functions

We’re working on premium functions for you that you will be able to unlock by buying it or getting more users. We will talk about those functions in more detail in one of our next post but lets have a sneak peek at some of them.

We offer 3 packages you can buy to unlock the premium functions.


This is a great way how you can promote something to your users even when they’re not on your YouTube channel of Facebook page. Let’s say that you want to sell a T-shirt. You create a notification saying “Buy my T-shirt!” with a picture and additional text and send it to your users. After they click on it it will take them to your website with T-shirts. It will look like this: 

Custom thanks page

You can customize the page that people are redirected to after they download your extension. You can turn it on or off, display your banner to promote your blog, iTunes or other things, you can add your mailchimp subscription box, like button for your Facebook and share buttons for Facebook Twitter and Google+ to share a link you choose. Also you can insert your Adsense code to get money from ads showing on the thanks page.

Google Analytics

As a premium user you will get an access to our Google Analytics so you can get an insight about how your users are using the extension.

Priority email and Skype support 

As a premium member you will be able to talk to directly to us via email or Skype in case you need our support.

Or email us if you have any questions to

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