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Top 5 Fun Extensions for Chrome

Sure productivity, efficiency and everything is important, but let’s focus also on some really fun Chrome Extensions.

1. Website Destroyer

If you remember the awesome game from the 90s, when you can destroy your entire desktop, this is a great candidate for its successor. You can choose from 5 weapons including Flamethrower, Machine gun, Hammer, Shotgun and stamp, and destroy any website you want.

2. 3DNator

You have probably heard about this one. It makes stereoscopic 3D object from any image. You only need red/cyan glasses and this chrome extension.

3. Iminent

Everyone loves funny smileys and emoticons and this adds a bunch of them in your Facebook chat and statuses, YouTube Comments and Gmail.

4. Perfect Boyfriend

This little extension may be small, but we predict a high rise for it. Who wouldn’t want to be a perfect boyfriend or perfect friend. This extension will take post automatically some random romantic messages on one of your friend’s wall. You can choose the interval and even add you own messages, so you can me it personal.

5. My Facebook Colors

You don’t have to have the old blue Facebook as everyone. With this extension you can customize it to any color your want. But beware it is a weird feeling browsing a not-blue Facebook.

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7 years ago