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Facebook Stats Features Walkthrough

Facebook Stats gained some cool new features. Here is a quick explanation how you can take the best out of it.

This is extension and If you don’t have the extension get it here for free.

The major thing you will notice is the icon next to the address bar. You can use it to quickly access to the most interesting charts. If you don’t want it there you can hide it by right-click on it and then choose “Hide icon”. All the charts remain accessible from the context menu with the right click anywhere on the website.

What is in the pop-up?

Summary Charts

In this chart you will see summary of your browsing time on Facebook. You can choose the specific day at the top of the popup. Also hover over the chart to see more details about the current section.

Everyday Stats

Have you ever wondered about how much time you spend on Facebook every day? And what about the weekend? This chart will give you the answer. You can choose any interval and see how your time on Facebook is changing. We recommend you to user this to monitor how your fight with procrastination works, for example with the Block Site extension.

Top Days

Take a look on your busiest days on Facebook. Click on the specific day to see even more details about it.

Wall Times

Check how much time you spent looking on your Facebook wall. Most of it Is just scrolling down and down for more content right?

Profiles Ratio

Who is your favorite person? You can find out with this pie chart. The number one person will probably be yourself.  Hover over the names to take a closer look on the profile. Click on the name to go to the Profile Daily times.

Profile Daily Times

This is similar to Everyday stats, just for a specific person.

Enjoy and if you have some ideas how to improve this extension leave a 5-star review in the Chrome webstore. We will read it. Thanks!



7 years ago