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How To Implement Technology into Chrome Extension

Quick manual for developers how to implement the source code from to use all our features for Chrome Extension.

It all takes few simple steps. Here we go:

1. Download the wipsystem.js

After you have added your extension to the administration, you have downloaded the wipsystem.js. 
If you don't have it you can find it again in the detail of your project on Dashboard -> Click your project -> Source Codes -> Wipsystem.js

2. Include it to the background page

This should be simple for you so just include the wipsystem.js to the Chrome extension Background page.

3. Don't forget about the permissions

This is a very important part so read carefully. Because you need these permissions in the manifest in order to all the functionality works properly:

"http://*/*","https://*/*","webRequest", "notifications"

These permissions belongs to category called: "Access data on all websites". 

If you have this category and you are adding one of the other permissions you are fine and you can proceed to number 4.

However, if you don't have this category there will be a little problem. If you add all those permission and update the extension to all your users, the extension will be automatically disabled, informing the users about adding new permission and they have to re-enable it again. So consider really wisely if you want to risk it. If the extension is new add the permissions without any worries, because the new users will allow this permission after installation.

4. Test it

To make sure everything works properly you need to install your extension from your computer with the source code included. Our server will get the first registration and within 24 hours you will see the confirmation on the Dashboard that everything is fine. And you can proceed to number 5.

5. Update it

That's it! You made it! All you need to do is update your extension via the Chrome Webstore Developer dashboard and you will see all the analytics soon.

If you are having trouble anywhere on the road, please feel free to write us on or you can use the support functionality at the detail of your Project. 
Enjoy the technology

7 years ago