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How To Implement Technology into Firefox Add-on (no SDK)

Quick manual for developers how to implement the source code from to use all our features in Firefox Addon

It all takes few simple steps. Here we go:

1. Download the wipsystem.js

After you have added your add-on to the administration, you have downloaded the wipsystem.js. 
If you don't have it you can find it again in the detail of your project on Dashboard -> Click your project -> Source Codes -> Wipsystem.js

2. Include it to the background page

This should be simple for you so just include the wipsystem.js to the add-on Background page.

3. Add the default prefs

You need to add these to the default prefs. After creating the project, you will have to download also preferences that include your namespace so add them. This is only a specimen.

pref("extensions.wips.check_id_timeout", "");

4. Test it

To make sure everything works properly you need to install your add-on from your computer with the source code included. Our server will get the first registration and within 24 hours you will see the confirmation on the Dashboard that everything is fine. And you can proceed to number 5.

5. Update it

That's it! You made it! All you need to do is update your add-on via the Firefox add-ons store and you will see all the analytics and send the notifications soon.

If you are having trouble anywhere on the road, please feel free to write us on or you can use the support functionality at the detail of your Project. 

Enjoy the technology

7 years ago