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How To Use Advertising - For Content Creators

Quick explanation how to get the best out of Advertising system.

All you need to do is follow few simple steps:

1. Global Zones

Global zones are like billboards next to a highway. You have place where to put the ad or some promotion.
The good thing is that we have created a few global zones for most common services.

Example: You have a YouTube Channel extension and you have few banners with links you want to put into the pop-up. So you will be choosing between two banner AdZones. One is Full width and the other one is Standard. Choose according to your banner dimensions or adjust the banners to fit the AdZone.

Inserting content into AdZone

Than you need to upload the banners with the desired links. The distribution of impressions will be divided equally between all the banners.

2. Launching a campaign

I.Create new campaign

Campaign works very intuitively and it is easy to launch some. Campaign is basically the setup for your AdZone.

II. Campaign parameters

You can set many parameters for in the campaign. Start with a name and description. It helps you to organize them.

  • Link to a AdZone - Choose to which zone or zones you want this campaign launch.

Link to a Project - You need to choose one project. If you have a one Zone in more projects you choose one or more.

Set Limits - This is pretty easy, adjust the start and ending date of the campaign. And also set a number of impressions or clicks after which the campaign will end.

Geographic locations - You can easily target your campaign to specific locations. Leave it blank if you want to send it to all countries.

II. Launch a campaign

Click the green button Create campaign and it is done.

3. See the stats

You can see now how successful the campaign is by observing the stats. Anytime you can adjust the parameters.

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7 years ago