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It Is Finally Here - New

After couple months of hard work we are proudly announcing that we have launched 2.0 with a lot of incredible innovations. is a platform for creating extension for Chrome and Firefox and we are really excited about how many of you have created your own extension for YouTube Channel, Tumblr or a Facebook Page (to this day we have more than 30K created projects).

The last piece that was missing was to help developers with their own browser extensions. To help them with analytics and new way of monetizations.

The new platform allows EVERYONE to use our technology. Developers and Content creators can get the best from our technology and use the following features.


How is your extension popular in the world? How many downloads do you have every day? How many ratings do you get?

You will have answers to all those questions with our technology. The analytics contain very precise data about how your extension is downloaded within the world or specific countries. You will know the number of active users or how many of them are checking for update every week.

See how your extension is downloaded and how many active users it has.

How popular is your extension in the world?


Would you like to engage with your users? Show them something amazing? Ask them a question? Now you can!

You can send a direct message to all your users or use targeting. It will show up as a small popup in the bottom right of the screen and it is supported by the browsers so users are used to it and it is not disturbing. This can help you promote your brand, new products, etc.

Notifications can contain an image and icon and the CTR is much higher than on e-mails. 

You can read more about notifications and how to use them here.


Do you have or want a publisher? We can help you find some and than it is up to you how you use the Advertising technology for your monetization.

Very powerful feature that enables you to monetize your users. It is a professionally made Advertising system, so you can create AdZones and launch campaigns on them base on impressions, clicks and more. 

You can choose from various types of AdZones including Banner, HTML, AdSense, Video and more.

Read more about Advertising and learn how to use it here.

This is still not everything we would like to show you. Together with support of Developers we are implementing premium packages for ALL users. Thanks to those packages you will be able to monetize your extension through notifications, advertising and there is even more. We are currently testing few alternative monetization methods and we have launched a close beta. You can apply for it on our e-mail, with minimum number of 5K users on your project. Subject: Closed beta Monetization. Contact us as soon as possible we would love to work with you.

New si finally the platform for all the people that want to have their own browser extension and for all the developer that already have one and they like to use our technology for Analytics, Notifications, Advertising and Monetization.
We hope that you will love all these innovations and you will have more new satisfied users and new revenue stream thanks for

Lukas Jan Marek, CEO of

7 years ago