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New Block Site - how to use it

Find out how you can get the best out of Blocksite

How to use Blocksite?

1. Right click anywhere on the website

2. Choose Blocksite -> Options

Now you have access to the Blocksite user interface where you can add/remove sites from blacklist and user more functionality.

Incognito mode

All the Block Site functionality can also work in the incognito mode, you just need to allow it. Follow these instructions to see how it is done:


Blocked Words

Whenever the blocked word appears somewhere in the URL, it will be automatically blocked. You can use it for example to block specific search queries on search engines like Google or Bing. Be careful what you put in there. If you for example one letter to block, most of the websites will be blocked, so choose wisely.

We have also an “Adult related” list of blocked words, which will block the predefined bad words and profanity filter. We highly recommend the use of this by parents.

Active days & times

Choose the days and intervals during the day when do you want the Blocksite to be Active. For example set the Active days only to work days and add the time interval to 09:00 – 18:00 so you won’t procrastinate at work or at school.

Uninstall protection

You can protect the access to options with the password, but kids are really smart these days so we add more protection for this. The key feature is to prevent the kids to uninstall the extension. It works very simple, you just set the password, activate it in the incognito window and there you have it. You will have to input a password to access the list of chrome extension therefore the Block site is uninstallable. Take a note of your password somewhere, because if you forget it, there is no way how to recover it and you will need to go through a quite complicated process. If this happens, let us know on

Other functionality

You can switch between Blacklist and Whitelist.

Choose if you want to show the “Disable Block Site” item in the context menu.
Allow sending anonymous statistics, which we use to improve the Block Site functionality, all the stats are completely anonymous, don’t worry.
Allow notifications for new features so we can notify you for new functionality we have added.

If you have any questions regarding the functionality or you would like to put a feature request, please do it via our online form:

Enjoy the extension and don’t forget to rate it in the Chrome Webstore:


7 years ago