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Step-by-step guide to making your very own extension with

Engage your fans in a new and original way.

We have the new year and right in its beginning we bring news of our platform for creating extensions. We worked hard on improving and optimizing the process of creating extensions. This process is now easier, clearer and faster. We focused on the fact that each step has to be intuitive as much as possible. 


Let's take a look on the process of creating extension. First you have to register here to get access to our platform. The entire process begins with selecting the type of project that you want to create. In the picture you can see what the possibilities are. 



Here we can see how the process of creating the extension looks. As an example, I chose to create Youtube channel extension. From choosing the type of project, you have to go through just 3 easy steps to get a successful project creation. In the first step we need to name the project and add a short description. Here we also choose an icon for our extension which will be displayed in an internet browser. You can upload your own icon or choose one of the already prepared. It is also necessary to specify Youtube channel. In our case, we put "Wipscom". The channel is also related to the verification of ownership. If you are the owner of the youtube channel, click on the "Are you the owner of this channel?" checkbox.



The next step is focused on choosing the appearance of the extension. We have prepared a set of templates so you can choose what you like. The second option in this step is to customize the appearance of the extension. Click on the icon advanced settings in the lower right corner, and instead of choosing a template, you get access to a choice of the appearance of individual elements on your extension.



In the last step there is the link to your Landing page so you can promote your extension. Here you can also share your extension with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Now you can click on the Finish button to complete the process.

Congratulations to the successful creation of your extension!




6 years ago