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Great Extensions For Web Developers

There’s no denying that creating websites is hard work. Why not make the job easier with a few useful tools you can get for free? Work faster, more efficiently, reduce long and repetitive tasks to a few-clicks formality. Let’s see some great options you have.


Web Developer Tools




If you’re looking for simplicity and great functionality at the same time, Web Developer Tools by Mark.Black.Dev is definitely the best choice for you. This new upcoming star app seems very promising. A simple, yet powerful combination of the very essence of what you’d expect from an extension like this. No extra features you won’t even use once, just the components of everyday use. Ever needed to measure an element on the web without having to capture, copy-paste and open a separate app? Use the Ruler feature directly in your browser. A specific color caught your eye anywhere on the Internet? Color Picker will do the job and get you the exact color of anything you click on. Zoom on anything for maximum preciseness and crop whichever element you wish. Take a screenshot of any part of the screen - select the area you want to capture - click - done!






A great complement to Web Developer Tools is an extension called WhatFont by Just hover over a piece of text and see all its properties instantly. There’s font family, font size and height, a simple example of all letters of the alphabet, text color and more.


Page Ruler




Do you like the Ruler of Web Developer Tools but don’t feel like ever needing the rest of its features? Page Ruler by developer Wrakky lets you take measurements of anything you see on any website you visit. Simply draw a ruler and get dimensions and positioning in pixels.


Eye Dropper




As simple as it can possibly get, Eye Dropper by developer does exactly what you want it to do – nothing more, nothing less. Choose any element on the web, pick, click and get the exact color. It even allows you to change the color and adjust it as you wish. A must have extension for any web developer.


Web Developer




Both Eye Dropper and Page Ruler are great apps, but both do only one thing. Do you want a nice package of useful developer stuff? Are you demanding on functionality? Look no further, Web Developer by is exactly what you’re looking for. A complex collection of features gives you all you need.  Resize windows, disable cookies, images, JavaScript, validate HTML and links and much more. The only downside is you won’t probably need all of the features and with all the extra stuff, you may get a bit lost.


These are some of the best web developer utilities out there. If you often find yourself looking up the right color, get Eye Dropper. If you’re always measuring stuff on the Internet, get Page Ruler. Do you want to have all the most essential tools in one place in a nice and neat app? Get Web Developer Tools. Are you a hardcore developer who is hard to please? Get Web Developer. Enjoy making websites in a much more comfortable and easier manner.



6 years ago