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Tired of ads and distractions on social media? We understand. We used to be too. But we’ve developed a new tool to find a solution. Keep on reading to find out why this single app will make your life brighter!

Nowadays world is all about the social media. If we are not hanging out with friends, we are probably browsing through the social media. And there is a lot of stuff we are interested in, but also heaps of stuff we are not too excited about.


So our guys from Wips again developed a cool tool which solves this out. It’s a simple extension that dims everything around the content you’re focusing on – and the name was here. FocusOn doesn’t just dim everything around, but – with reverse psychology – it points out everything you want to pay attention to.  


Watching videos on youtube has never been brighter, because the video is the only thing you see.


Or feel like browsing some stuff on the pinterest? Yeah, I know, everyone wants to have a nice DIY living room. And now, if you choose so, you go just through the living rooms. No more cute cats and dogs if you want to stay focused on living rooms, right? This app will make it work for you.



You can turn it on and off on supported websites by clicking its button next to your URL bar.

FocusOn works with most of the social media websites, but just to assure you, check the list in the link on the extension itself.


So I’m asking then: Why don’t you go and make your life brighter? FocusOn will help you at least while browsing throughout the social media content.



4 years ago