Get notified about everything – The notifications

We are living in the world of social network and it is hard to keep up with every social network you or on, even if you are on just one. This is why we have created this extension called The notification.

8 years ago

Why do we need your Youtube Channel ownership verification?

You have been asking why we need to verify your ownership of the Youtube Channel. So here is our explanation.

8 years ago

Take me to my Youtube Subscriptions

Since the big change of YouTube appearance you need to make two clicks to get to new videos of your subscriptions. And we know that everyone wants to get there fast. So we have created this extension.

8 years ago

Who is talking about – gaming community

We want to thank everyone that is talking and/or making videos about We are putting a lot of effort into our extensions and it is great to see that you want to let the world know.

8 years ago

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