Firefox 15 – Responsive tool, Layout view (Part 2)

The Debugger for JavaScript was integrated into other tools for web developers. Moreover there is also a new tool called Responsive Mode and the well known Inspector gain very useful function, which is Layout Mode.

8 years ago

Firefox 15: News for developers and interface for tablets (Part 1)

Mozilla Firefox 15 brings major update for web developers and he also promises to correct the long-going problem with over usage of operational memory. The process of updating is becoming simpler and next step to support WebRTC is made. Android version also brings new interface for tablets.

8 years ago

Time Stats - Phenomenal Chrome extension

“Collect statistics about your browsing activity and see awesome charts about it” This extension was release in beta and it became really popular. It manages to gain 50 000 users and win a Google developer day in Moscow. On June 25, 2012 we released the final 1.0 version.

8 years ago

Weather now - The best weather extension for Chrome

You know that some extension is good when it excels in many areas such as sexy and elegant design, great functionality with simple controls and more. Worldwide coverage and 9 language mutations comes handy too.

8 years ago

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