Create Your App – Vimeo Channel

Great news, you can now create also an App for a Vimeo channel and same as YouTube it takes only 2 minutes to create it. Vimeo is great website and we thought that it would be great if we could give you the option to create your own Vimeo Channel extension.

8 years ago

Psychetruth Releases Free Website Browser Extension

Austin, Texas, January 22, 2013 - The Austin based YouTube channel Psychetruth has released a free website extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows users to be instantly notified of new uploaded content.

8 years ago

Get the most out of TimeStats – Categorizing your sites

TimeStats is measuring your browsing activity and it is a powerful tool to use for managing your time and recognizing your time-eaters. Let’s find out how to better organize your categories.

8 years ago

How to reset your Firefox BlockSite password

We got some mail question about how to reset your Block Site password on Firefox. So here is a detailed manual on how to do it.

8 years ago

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